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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Plant Cells

Who said that learning about plant cells should be boring? Learning about this subject can be fun by engaging the students in different hands-on activities and projects.

Here are the activities we had on this topic:

This activity is a part of my unit about plants. Click here to view it.

My studens also received a very exciting homework assignment. Their task was to make edible plant cells. Wow, the results were amazing!
See for yourselves.

 Children could not wait to try their own creations. We had a big "plant cell" celebration that day!

Monday, September 2, 2013


If you are looking for a new way to decorate your bulletin boards, then maybe you will like these.

I wanted to add a pinch of color to my posters and boards. After going through boxes of  art supplies, I came across ... Yes! Pom-poms! In no time I decorated the poster I created for school and everyone loved the results.
You might ask: WHY??? Well, because, first of all I live on an island :) and there are no Teacher Supply Stores here. And secondly, because I love everything DIY!


Sunday, September 1, 2013

Students' Birthdays

It's been only a week since the school began, and we have already celebrated the birthdays of two of my students :)
Every year I put together so called "Birthday Folders" for my kiddos. They love them! It's such an inexpensive way to show you care :)

Birthday crown craft is not included in the pack. However, you can download all sorts of wonderful crown templates for free HERE.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Jungle Themed Classroom

Welcome to my teeny-tiny but welcoming classroom!

I got this classroom jungle themed door decor idea from Pinterest but could't find the source. I wish I could link to the person whose idea it was in the first place.
I made this cute "Welcome" banner which you can download for free HERE

This year I decided to have all of my students as helpers for a week. Just to keep everybody happy :) as they love having responsibilities sooo much. I just have to add the students' names on the pockets.

A classroom will not be complete without rules. And of course, they are jungle themed :)
You can find my complete Jungle Classroom Decor Set on TPT. Just click HERE

Sunday, August 4, 2013

My Busy Summer!

It's almost time to get back to school. How was your summer?
As for me, I had a long list of things I needed to get done. Our trip to Ukraine had to be postponed for another year :(, so it was a perfect opportunity to catch up on some work.
- I "spring cleaned" the whole house, including all of our 24 windows, scrubbed the floors, organized the closets, cleaned up my messy laundry room and guest room (which had turned into a storage room full of my school supplies and holiday decorations). This project couldn't wait any longer and I am happy I got it all done!
- I also downloaded some new music to my iPod and re-joined the gym. Hopefully I'll be able to continue working out during the busy school year.
- I added a few lessons to my TPT store (mostly science). As a kid I didn't particularly like this subject. It was uninteresting to me, even boring. Maybe because of that I put my energy into creating science resources for young students in an effort to make them more exciting. Now science "comes to life" with colorful posters, printables, projects, and hands on activities.
- However, I mostly had a blast spending time with my 2 "boys" (my husband and my son), cooking for them, watching movies together, going to the beach and just relaxing.
So it was a nice, busy summer break and now I'm ready to tackle yet another exciting school year!
Good luck to all of the busy teachers who are getting ready to get back into their classrooms! Have a successful and stress free school year!