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Friday, April 10, 2015

Five for Friday!


Hello, Friends!
It's Five For Friday! I am excited to participate in Doodle Bugs Teaching Linky Party!

I am also quite happy for the weekend! I might even be doing this

and take more advantage of my "life in paradise".

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Monday was our Teacher Development Day and I had to do a presentation.
It was nice to receive some good feedback.

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My students did such an awesome job writing about their Easter Break! Look at the amount of information they poured into their stories. They definitely had a lot to share :) I am very proud of them! Not bad for 3rd Grade ESL students!


This week our focus in Science was on the Water Cycle, and here are some activities we did to fit my students' different learning styles.

It is a only a 6 minute video (which is very important due to the kids' short attention span) and the explanation is wonderful.

I also found this fun song, which we've been practicing and, I hope, will present to some younger grades to "teach" them about the Water Cycle. :)

Here are the lyrics

You can download this page here

We also did a simple Water Cycle experiment where we filled a glass dish with hot water, put a lid on it and watched all 3 transformations take place.

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I think I might have a slight addiction to Baileys Coffee Creamer. Every afternoon, after I get home from school, I make myself a cup of coffee. It's like my little treat for a day to satisfy my sugar cravings, as I try to avoid sugar in everything else I eat or drink. So, guess what? The only store that carries this, is out of stock! :( I am sad.

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I've been trying to get back to my healthy eating habits. I fairly recently fell off track with my diet :) Maybe it's been a couple of months... My "allowed foods" list contains mostly veggies, meat, a little bit of fruit and...Ukrainian food. Here is a shot of my husband's favorite "Stuffed Peppers":)

Happy weekend! 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Linky Party Directory for Teachers

Linky Parties are so much fun! They are a great place to meet other bloggers! So, if you have a new blog, this is the best way to get yourself out there. I like to "party" whenever I get a chance. :)

Linky Parties are also important if:

- You are looking for more people to read your blog or share your content with (other than your family members or close friends) :);
- You are looking to connect and network with other bloggers.
But most importantly, there is so much that you can learn from other bloggers!

Here is a list of some Teacher Linky Parties to help you get started. They usually run weekly, although some are once a month.

Monthly Linky “Currently” with Oh, Boy4th Grade 

“Monday Made It” with  4th Grade Frolics  
“Markdown Monday” with Kelly and Kim’s Kindergarten
“Be Appy Monday”  hosted by Tech with Jen


- "Tried It Tuesday” with Fourth Grade Flipper
 Tech Tip Tuesday” by Techi Turtle Teacher


“Wordless Wednesday” by Miss DeCarbo
“What’s Going On InYour Science Class?” by Teachers Are Terrific
“Working On It Wednesday” with Middle School Math Moments


“Tips And Tricks For Teachers” with Foxwell Forest
“Technology Thursday” with Teaching Trio
“Thematic Thursday” with Comprehension Connection


“Five For Friday” with Doodle Bugs Teaching
“Fabulous Freebies Fridaywith Always A Teacher And Forever A Mom


“Spark Student MotivationSaturdays” with Head Over Heals For Teaching


 “Sunday Scoop”with Teaching Trio
“Super Science Sundays” with Science Girl Lessons

I found it challenging to remember the scheduled days for the linkies I like to participate in. Here is a handy little schedule I made to stay organized and to be on time for the "parties" :)

You can download it here:

Linky Party Schedule (it inludes clickable links)

Here is a blank copy for you to print and fill out with the linkies of your choice.

Linky Party Planner

All linky party hosts have rules, so please read them before participating.

Good luck! Have fun "partying",connecting with other bloggers, and showing off your amazing content! :)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

April Currently

I am linking up with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for her April Currently. 

1. You have to listen to this song if you haven't heard it yet. I can't get enough of it :)

2. It's been raining here all week during my Easter Break. Today the sky has finally cleared out and we rushed to the beach (before the weather decided to change).

3. We love painting eggs on Easter! It's become a family tradition.  I am thinking to hit Pinterest for some new ideas. 

4. I have a sweet tooth. I've been on gluten free and sugar free diet for a while now, but I do cheat  sometimes. My favorite kind of cake would be my grandma's layered vanilla cake (Yum!), but since she is far in Ukraine, caramel cake would be just fine :)

5. I realized today that I only have 3 days of vacation time left. That sums it all. 

I hope you are all enjoying your Spring Break!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Can't Keep Up? 6 Steps To Having A Miracle Day!

Once upon a time there was a workoholic teacher. She taught 3rd Grade children by day and ran her little Teachers Pay Teachers Store by night.

Her weekends were her most productive workdays.
She worked as quickly and efficiently as possible, so that one day she would have a comfortable life, time to relax, and spend more quality time with her family.

She almost burned out. As you probably already guessed, that person was me, and I would have burned out if one day I didn't come across a book called "Miracle Morning" by Hal Alrod.

6 easy steps listed in this book helped me make necessary changes in  my life and bring it to a smooth flow without slowing down or eliminating any of the tasks.

This book is about establishing a morning routine, releasing tension, setting goals, and becoming the person you need to become to achieve greater success.

6 step routine only takes about an hour out of your day and has to be done in the morning before you head out to work. So, I do wake up 45 minutes earlier than I used to, but it's so worth it.

Those steps are:
- Meditation
- Affirmations
- Visualizations
- Excercise
- Reading
- Journaling

I am not getting paid for doing this book review. This program helped me, and I want to share this with you.

You can purchase the book on Amazon.com. If you have Kindle Unlimited, (by the way, Amazon offers first month free) you can download this book for free.

It's truly amazing and life changing! So, go ahead and check it out!

Do you have a favorite morning routine?
Let's talk about it in the comments.

Have a great day!