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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Can't Keep Up? 6 Steps To Having A Miracle Day!

Once upon a time there was a workoholic teacher. She taught 3rd Grade children by day and ran her little Teachers Pay Teachers Store by night.

Her weekends were her most productive workdays.
She worked as quickly and efficiently as possible, so that one day she would have a comfortable life, time to relax, and spend more quality time with her family.

She almost burned out. As you probably already guessed, that person was me, and I would have burned out if one day I didn't come across a book called "Miracle Morning" by Hal Alrod.

6 easy steps listed in this book helped me make necessary changes in  my life and bring it to a smooth flow without slowing down or eliminating any of the tasks.

This book is about establishing a morning routine, releasing tension, setting goals, and becoming the person you need to become to achieve greater success.

6 step routine only takes about an hour out of your day and has to be done in the morning before you head out to work. So, I do wake up 45 minutes earlier than I used to, but it's so worth it.

Those steps are:
- Meditation
- Affirmations
- Visualizations
- Excercise
- Reading
- Journaling

I am not getting paid for doing this book review. This program helped me, and I want to share this with you.

You can purchase the book on Amazon.com. If you have Kindle Unlimited, (by the way, Amazon offers first month free) you can download this book for free.

It's truly amazing and life changing! So, go ahead and check it out!

Do you have a favorite morning routine?
Let's talk about it in the comments.

Have a great day!

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