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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Art-Science Integration: Food Chains and Food Webs

I love integrating Art into our Science lessons!
I always try to include activities that address a variety of learning styles, because each student learns differently. And I think Art does the trick.
We've been learning about food chains and to put my students' knowledge to use, I decided to get them to create food chains of their choice.

This is what the final result looks like:

For this activity, I divided my class into small groups and gave them a printable of animal clipart.
Next, they needed to choose 3 animals from the selection, add a producer and draw their food chains on paper in proper order.

This last group forgot to draw a fly as the primary consumer.
They realized it right after they painted the frog :)

I used this anchor chart to introduce a lesson about food webs. I glued a few animal pictures and together we worked on identifying the food chains. We used different color markers to show each food chain. 

Have a relaxing Sunday!

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